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Keeping the Family Legacy Alive Through Shipping: Ali Musayev

Carpet creator Ali exporting with the help of A1 worldwide logistics

Meet Ali Musayev, an Azeri rug maker who sells carpets at a brick-and-mortar store in Baku, Azerbaijan. Ali was born in Baku and recently inherited the business from his dad, who inherited it from his dad. His grandad Osman originally started the company hoping to escape poverty and provide for his family. When it began, the business became one of Baku’s most significant family-owned rug shops. Shoppers from around Azerbaijan and nearby countries visited this small shop to purchase rugs. Ali’s granddad understood the centuries of importance rugs had in Azeri culture and tailored the carpets to history. Osman crafted every tile and textile with the highest quality material to represent the culture, and customers took note.

From Grandfather to Son

Osman gave all his knowledge in carpet crafting and the shop to his son Nasir before his passing. Nasir grew the company further and preserved Osman’s vision of keeping history and culture alive for decades. A dilemma soon arose that would alter the course of Nasir’s business. International shipping started becoming popular to the point where Nasir’s customers started buying imported rugs in other stores. This lowered traffic and soon put Nasir’s family in the poverty that Osman had first faced. Nasir also was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. Doctors said that he had a few weeks to live. Nasir had no choice but to pass the company down to his son Ali.

Grandson in Charge

When Ali’s dad became terminally ill, one of his last wishes was for Ali to keep the store running. Burdened by the pressures of his family’s legacy and poverty, Ali has decided to do business in the United States. He understands that to keep the business alive, he has to follow the trend of international shipping. Ali also understands how the internet works and how to market a business virtually. Despite having limited money and resources, Ali decided to visit America on a journey of desperation. This trip was to preserve his business, save his wife and children from poverty and keep his family’s legacy alive.

When in the U.S., Ali not only looked for customers but for ways to export the carpets to them. Since this was Ali’s first time exporting globally, he was anxious and had no idea what to expect. However, the pressure to succeed overrode the nervousness, and Ali researched dozens of transportation companies. After analyzing the benefits of each company, one stood out in particular: A1 Worldwide Logistics. The first thing that Ali noticed was our slogan, “Global Reach. Personal Touch”. Ali thought about the detail of the culture his dad and grandpa paid attention to when creating the carpets.

From Local to Global Reach

Each carpet was created with high-quality Azeri fabric and tailored to the customer’s needs. The personalized customer service that carried the business for decades could now be scaled globally. Still nervous, Ali decided to contact A1WWL to understand the shipping process. Words that Ali had never heard of, such as Customs Brokers, Logistics, and Freight Forwarders were explained to him with simplicity. Ali started to understand what separated A1 from any other company.

He realized how much we were committed to helping him understand and navigate the complex world of shipping. Fast forward a few months, and his business now reaches several countries, including the U.S. Ali is no longer in debt, his tradition is alive and his family is out of poverty. Contact A1 Worldwide Logistics at +1 (305) 425-9456 if you are ready to begin your own shipping journey.

(This story is fictional, has commercial purposes and is representative of A1WWL’s clients)

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